Our Objects - Current and Proposed

The Objects of our Association haven't had a review since the Constitution was put in place in 1997. They are currently:

(a) to promote the Illawarra Region and improve its image and self esteem for the benefit of all businesses and the community;

(b)  to substantiate the viability of the region for conducting business;

(c)  to support the provision of all levels of employment and management opportunities, and an excellent community environment; and,

(d)  to provide a forum for communication between members on a wide range of interests.


We are proposing an update, to be presented in time for members to vote on at the Annual General Meeting on 29th November 2018.

We encourage members to think about the proposed objects and provide us with feedback via ticadmin@illawarraconnection.com.au so that we may incorporate it into our thinking prior to the AGM Notice.

The proposed Objects in draft form are:

(a)  to provide a forum for communication, networking and collaboration between members on a wide range of interests;

(b)  to promote the Illawarra Region and support business innovation and community engagement throughout the membership;

(c)   to enhance and develop the leadership capabilities of The Illawarra Connection membership; and,

(d)  to showcase renowned thought leaders to The Illawarra Connection members and guests; creating knowledge and promoting the transfer of ideas.