President's Lunch

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Date: Tuesday, 2 July 2019
Venue: Sage Hotel, Wollongong
Speaker: iAccelerate: Showcase Event

Join us for the President's Lunch 2019 featuring a showcase supporting three exciting local iAccelerate residents.

We heard at our last dinner about the 'Regional Renaissance'- these businesses are exciting examples of what is happening right here and now. The panel discussion, moderated by Vice President Peter Buckley, will feature companies at the three stages of development- incubation, early stage and on the market. We will hear a little bit about their journey so far, their challenges and perhaps even a glimpse of what is next for these innovators. 

These companies include:

RooCreate which delivers smart, simple & sustainable design solutions that inspire change —one eco-package at a time. 

V-DAQ whose mission is to provide a safer and higher quality driving experience to every road user by connecting all vehicles to businesses, insurers, governments, emergency services, and road administrators. Prototyping the first 'black box for cars',  This company has developed the world’s smallest, most advanced, and affordable intelligent transport tag.

Allotrac is an end to end (TMS) transport management system unlike any other TMS in the market today. This Wollongong company can build revised modules overnight to keep up with the changes enforced and released by the Australian Transport regulators.

We know that you will be keen to join us in supporting local business and entrepreneurship in the Illawarra. We look forward to hearing from these exciting ventures over lunch.

This event is an extra event to our calendar, held at the President's discretion each year and one complimentary ticket is available per member. This year, members are welcome to bring guests for a small cost ($70). Please RSVP as per the normal online process. For this event, while a reminder email will be generated as usual, members will not be contacted for a confirmation of RSVP if not received by the due date. For questions concerning your RSVP please contact