February 2017 Dinner Meeting

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Date: Tuesday, 7 February 2017
Venue: Grand Ballroom, Novotel Wollongong NorthBeach
Speaker: Chris Joscelyne, IT Security Advisor

Chris Joscelyne has been an IT security advisor and thought leader for the past twenty years. His clients include government departments and agencies in Australia and New Zealand, and non-government enterprises including major banks.

Chris was a co-founder of the Australian IT Security Forum. He has served as the Australian spokesman at the Global e-Business Forum at the United Nations in Geneva, and as leader of the Australian industry delegation in bilateral talks with the United States on information security. He has served on the IT security advisory board at the Defence Signals Directorate in Canberra and he has been in regular demand as an IT security keynote speaker in Australia and overseas.

Chris served for a decade as a Vice-President of the NSW Division of the Australian Red Cross and as an Honorary Associate of the School of Government at Sydney University. He is a trustee of the Lizard Island Research Foundation at the Australian Museum, and he serves as the marketing chairman for ROMAC, Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children.

A Rotarian with over forty years service, Chris was the liaison between the Board of Rotary International in Chicago and the fourteen original e-clubs in the proof-of-concept pilot for web-based Rotary clubs that has now spread worldwide.