December 2016 Dinner Meeting

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Date: Tuesday, 6 December 2016
Venue: Grand Ballroom, Novotel Wollongong NorthBeach
Speaker: Greg Champion

Humourist, wacko, singer songwriter, folky, compere, broadcaster, Australian, fruitcake.

Song titles include May Your Fridge Be Full Of Coldies, I Made a 100 In The Backyard At Mums, Roll Over Rolf Harris, Yasser Arafat Has A Funny Hat and Dermott Brereton Is A Hood.

Champs has been a member of The Coodabeen Champions, long-running national ABC radio show, for twenty-nine years.

Having grown up in the Hectorville Home For The Visually Unpleasant, nowadays Greg is seen on the corporate circuit, classified as a de-motivational speaker.

Champs has released two dozen CDs on country, Christmas, cricket, comedy, Theosophical and Australian themes.

A three-time runner-up in the Australian Underachiever Awards, Greg has no criminal record.


Join us for the annual Christmas Dinner Meeting which will, as always, be a bit lighthearted and yield a few surprises.